What I can offer

“The only way to find true happiness is to bare your heart and soul completely without the thought of risk, understanding that your heart must be open, honest, vulnerable, loving and kind without expectation.”

Limitless CoachinG

I can help you or your Company transform ordinary results into something spectacular. You can design your own coaching program by choosing from my unique course combinations – from self study to group or for the fully-committed Private coaching by me! I can assure you this will be life changing both professionally and personally. For the right client, putting money in the bank is the easy part, helping to create the dream life you’ve always wanted is where I excel! Go on, what are you waiting for?


Wealth of Knowledge

I love working with “salt of the earth” people. It doesn’t matter where your business is at, what matters is “where you want to be”! I have worked with a number of clients in the rural sector and have helped them to not only build wealth but to identify opportunities to create further wealth. My latest farmers just won the 2014 Farmer of the Year Award. Let me help you be the next!



It’s not only cottage industries, small businesses and corporations that I coach, but one of my favourite areas of coaching is working with elite athletes, teams and celebrities. Having grown up as a highly competitive sportswoman, I really enjoy the challenge of working in this field. I can take you and your game from average to spectacular! I recently helped one NRL player get a contract in first grade in only 3 months of coaching! Choose one of my coaching options or come to one of my events to get you and your team on the right track. After all, no-one ever remembers who won the silver medal at the Olympics, but everyone can tell you who won the gold!