Full of passion, humour and no nonsense insights this book inspires you to take responsibility, to weed out things that are standing in the way of living a successful and full life.
— Kamal Engels – producer of the GRAMMY AWARD nominated album “Pure Sounds” by The Gyuto Monks of Tibet
If you are ready to grab hold of your life by the scruff of the neck then this book is for you. Rhiannon has laid out her successful tools and…in fact, if you really do it all, you will excel.
— Steve Podborski
There is a huge amount of power to be extracted from Rhiannon’s life story. It’s a journey defined by learned wisdoms that emerge from a life of hard knocks.
— Eloise King
Like a cannonball into still waters, Rhiannon Rees stirs up everything at the heart of the human condition! What at first seems murky and muddy, Rhiannon soon reveals is in fact the exact richness and life experience needed to grow a stunning existence. Since she launched into my life the ripples of ideas have turned into waves of reality, and riding them has been the most gratifying and rewarding time of my life! The only thing you need to ask yourself is ‘are you ready for this kind of success?
— Lissie Turner – Key Note Speaker, former triple j presenter (Mel Bampton) and Author