I'm Rhiannon Rees. I can help you transform ordinary results into something spectacular. By choosing from my unique course combinations, you design your own coaching program - from self-study to group or for the boldest of business minds, private one-on-ones with me personally. For the right client, putting money in the bank is the easy part, helping you create the dream life you’ve always wanted? That’s where I excel. I can assure you that this will initiate change - lifelong change, across all aspects of life. Ready to stop just surviving and start thriving? It’s time now, you’re ready.


Don’t have time? This is often the first obstacle for change but a life where you can determine your own time/work ratio, is one of the greatest reasons to get started. Choose your own path of learning from one of my three extensive programs based on the time you currently have, walking toward a life of working smarter not harder. Your journey to become master of your own domain, begins from the very first step.

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Stay motivated and connected: join my on-line community for an annual fee of just $25, giving you access to my monthly e-newsletter containing practical coaching tips for immediate implementation into your everyday decisions. In addition, you will also receive a FREE e-book of my first best-seller “How to Climb Mount Everest in Sandals”, valued at $19.95.

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I’m always fascinated to hear from new people and of the life that you are working to create. Whether you are interested in coaching, business consulting services, retreats or events please get in touch and I, or a member of my team, will get back to you. 

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