Self Coaching

Don’t have the time? Why not choose a path of learning that suits you and the time you have available?  There are a 3 self-help modules which will provide you with many of the tools to help you realise your dream.

Start your journey to understanding how you can change your life by changing your mindset, with Module 1 – “Ignite” which will provide you with the basics to getting the most out of coaching and changing the way you think, then move on to Module 2 – “Empower” which will look more closely at the building blocks of your life and how to view it with fresh set of eyes and then finally Module 3 – “Awaken” which will deepen your understanding of your behaviour and set you on a path to success.  All modules must be completed in order to achieve the required benefit.


Module 1 – “Ignite the Passion Within”

The “Ignite” package is the first of three steps in our self-coaching program.  It will provide you with the basic tools to put you on the path to self-discovery.

For the price of $99, you will receive:

  • A FREE e-book copy of my previous best-seller “How to Climb Mount Everest in Sandals”- valued at $19.95.
  • A FREE signed soft-cover printed copy of my new release “Life is a Choice and the Choice is Yours” due out in September 2015 – valued at $29.95.
  • A 3 hour downloadable series of “Ignite the Passion Within” – complete with live case studies – valued at $97.
  • And a 10 minute recorded welcome call to get you thinking about the life you TRULY DESERVE!!



Empower – Seven Ways to get over Yourself”

The “Empower” package is the second of the three steps in the self-coaching program.  It will take you to a new level, where you will start to dig more deeply into WHO you are and WHY you are drawing different experiences to yourself (good and bad).

For the price of $299, you will receive:

  • 1 FREE TICKET TO a 3 HOUR EVENT nationally – valued at $97.
  • The 7-set downloadable series of “Seven Ways to get Over Yourself” (approx. 7 hours) – valued at $297.
  • A monthly recorded “Challenge” video to deepen your self-learning skills – valued at $20 per month.



Module 3 – “Awaken – Discovering the Key to Happiness” – Coming Soon

The “Awaken” package is the third and final step in the self-coaching program.  After you finish the previous 2 modules, you will then want to deepen your understanding of YOUR behaviour even more! You will contemplate things such as “Why do I do the same things to myself over and over?” and “What is holding me back?”, as well as “Why am I so limited and what is stopping me from achieving all that I know I can?”

For the price of $499 you will receive:

  • A  FREE 1 hour x 6 monthly Group on-line Coaching Session with me and other participants on this journey (with homework) – valued at $300 per month.
  • 10 hours of Retreat footage, (forwarded in July 2016 once available) including some of the very best speakers and TV hosts in the world – valued at $797.