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Human behaviour expert and executive and elite performance coach Rhiannon Rees, is renowned as one of the world’s best self-development experts, with extensive experience as a business coach, homeopath, medical intuitive, entrepreneur, and presenter. She is often at times referred to as Australia’s answer to America’s self-help guru Dr Wayne W. Dyer. Clients in the professional world celebrate her passion, expertise and ability to help them educate and unleash the entrepreneur within themselves. It is her winning mindset, bold honesty, and complete belief in her clients and their success that fuels the power to transform lives, both professionally and personally.

Through all her suffering she searched for answers, ultimately studying human behaviour for twenty years. In the first couple of years, she read over 300 self-help books and then attended numerous counselling and personal development courses, such as Adlerian therapy. Being completely compelled to help others, she further continued to invest in education, all in the field of self-development.

Rhiannon has worked with stars including the Spice Girls, as well as X-Files, Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice cast members. Local, national and international media regularly seek out her expertise to help and inspire people to live happier more fulfilled lives.

She has been featured in countless TV shows and print publications in both North America and Australia. Some of these print publications include The Sunday Telegraph, Body & Soul Magazine, Madison and Cosmopolitan. Rhiannon has also been a regular on radio with interviews on 2GB & Mix 106.5 and her own weekly half hour show on the ABC Mid North Coast with Fiona Poole or Scott Levi (Central coast) where she has advised on small business.

The topics she covers to help people jump over their hurdles, when speaking through the media and at various other speaking engagements include, but aren’t limited to: business, personal development and human behaviour. Rhiannon uses a hands-on approach to discuss goal setting and overcoming obstacles in business and personal life. She also looks at business coaching, creating success and wealth, homeopathy, happiness, and abundance through a scope with multiple lenses.

Being able to inspire and help people to live their best life (in whatever area that is for them) through my retreats, speaking through the media, and with my coaching is for me: living the life of my dreams.
— Rhiannon Rees

Rhiannon has won too many awards to list here (see Awards section). Among them she was nominated for “Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year” award three times. Most recently she was awarded, “Brand Coach” 2012 and was an “Abundance Coach” and “Master Coach” 2012 finalist as well as being voted in 2015 as one of the world’s Top Thirty Global Gurus.

Rhiannon grew up in Cudgen, a small town in Australia not far inland from the famous Gold Coast. After finishing her schooling and Bachelor of Business at UTS Sydney, she travelled overseas extensively and lived in Canada on and off for sixteen years.

She currently lives near the Gold Coast with her eleven-year-old son, Jaiesh. Rhiannon runs her own company, “Love Living the Dream,” where she is involved with online webinars, private coaching, corporate clients, sporting teams, executive coach clients, hosting business conferences and retreats as well as speaking and writing.

Rhiannon continues to put huge love into every moment, living the life of her dreams, helping others to live extraordinary lives and spending time with Jaiesh and her mother who lives nearby.

Released in May 2011, Rhiannon’s first book How to Climb Mount Everest in Sandals” became a best seller on Amazon and has inspired other people to live extraordinary lives.

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.
— Abraham Lincoln