Private coaching 3 day weekend

Very limited spaces available!


Private coaching retreat weekend - fully catered with Rhiannon. This 3 day weekend, held 5 times a year at Rhiannon's country retreat is for people that need some intensive work on their life and business. 

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After participating in Rhiannon’s retreat, I feel as if my life has shifted dramatically.
The shift has been towards an opening and an awareness of somewhat of a light. The openness has brought people towards me, as though they are drawn to me.It’s something very hard to put into words. It is somehow spiritual or magical. I have really enjoyed the experience of receiving and getting direction about tuning into an awareness of life. Thank you for sharing with us of yourself, love and all of your experiences.
— Chris
When I first joined this retreat, I did not have any expectations. All I wanted to do was to learn to be more spiritual and to open up more as a person. I felt a little bit shy at first, However, right off the bat, I felt amazingly accepted by everyone in the group. Each session went by and was more amazing than the last session. I have learned so much about love, learning, sharing and trust.

With all of my heart, thankyou so very much Rhiannon
— Sue