Private Coaching- Going for Gold!

For those that want to make SERIOUS CHANGES to their LIFE!

This is my Private coaching, my Rolls Royce, my one on one. It is a big commitment and only for those that feel they need a lot of help and need the benefit of having access to their own private coach.  I only have a limited number of spots available, as I currently have TOO MANY SATISFIED CLIENTS THAT DON’T WANT TO LEAVE!!

It is a serious financial and personal commitment, but as other satisfied clients will tell you, the difference is life changing.  Many of Rhiannon’s clients, will tell you that facing their problems was confronting and very difficult, but once they pushed through some of their own personal and financial constraints, the monetary and personal reward was liberating and they have been so happy that many of them are still getting coached by Rhiannon today. She has taken many businesses from “bust” to “boom” and has also significantly improved their personal lives in the process. Clients are now fulfilled and happy and in some cases have even won business Awards for the successes they have gone on to achieve.

In order to qualify for private coaching, you must have completed one self-study program and one group program course to be considered. You will be privately screened for this program by Rhiannon to ensure that she CAN GET YOU THE GOLD!! Of course, the results are entirely up to YOU. She can lead you to water, but can’t make you drink! You will be coached either by Rhiannon or one of her team of coaches (from 2016 onwards) who has been hand-picked for YOU. Whilst you are waiting for your coaching to begin, you will be in a “preparation phase” and required to fulfil some of the self-coaching and group coaching options.  Enquire about private coaching with Rhiannon today.

This is where legacies are made – so what is YOUR legacy??


Contact me if you’re interested in Private Coaching and I’ll call you back to discuss what’s involved.