All about finding the number one most important tool to success - your true self and your true purpose.

Through this new knowledge of self, Rhiannon teaches to embrace all that’s been given to you, whilst graciously harnessing opportunities through new eyes that no longer see the world simply the “same as it always was.”

In translating these techniques to her work with elite athletes, Rhiannon has enabled enormously talented people to unlock the full potential of all the skill, training and abundant resources at their fingertips: by tackling head on the greatest key to all success, MINDSET. She’s taught them that if they want to differentiate themselves from their competitors they need to be more than diet, practice and mechanics - they need to remove the things that dampen the full roar of fire in their belly. With laser like accuracy, Rhiannon is able to point out where these self-limiting beliefs lie and show them HOW to transform these ‘beliefs of restraint’ into winning results.

When the captains of two teams were interviewed after the Grand Final game of the season the losing captain said 'We knew it would be tough.” whilst the winning team’s captain that was jointly coached by Rhiannon said, “We went into this match to win it.” And win they did!

The outcome that you achieve can be the result of the thoughts you continuously have.  

Conscious Brain vs Sub-Conscious brain and how powerful YOUR results can be

This is where performance starts to get really intriguing!

Scientists have studied how the human brain works and have proven that the sub-conscious brain, the limbic brain, has the ability to make decisions fifteen times faster than the conscious brain.

How do you harness this immense wisdom source and use it in your daily life?

Rhiannon shares stories and provides exercises to help you see HOW you can to tap into the wealth of your limbic brain. She will also speak about the character attributes that impact on your bottom line and those that can increase profitability and drive success.  


Undoubtedly a myth, but if it’s a myth you grew up with, then most likely you believe it to be true. This discussion begins to dismantle the myth that caps wealth and substitutes it instead with a plethora of possibilities for creating it.

When Rhiannon was living in a tent, she was making on average $500 a month for twelve years. She had limited belief in what she could achieve from the challenging space she was in and in her wildest imagination she did not think she could make more money than what she was. But then one night, crying herself to sleep, she asked herself a simple but life-changing question, “If I could make ANY AMOUNT of money in the world in a month, how much would I like to make so that I NEVER EVER, EVER HAD TO LIVE LIKE THIS AGAIN?” Her humble answer at the time was $40,000 in a month!

Within eighteen months Rhiannon increased her income more than 81 TIMES!! AN INCREASE OF 8162% to reach the goal that she had set for herself just a year and a half before!!

HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Rhiannon will discuss in detail HOW to do this and HOW this can happen FOR YOU!!


In this discussion Rhiannon shares details of a fundamental shift in perspective, which will allow you to see opportunities, where all you saw previously were problems. She will provide you with ideas that will transform your mindset, your business and your thinking, to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Utilising examples from past and current clients, Rhiannon will open YOUR LIFE and reveal where your THOUGHTS ARE LIMITING YOUR RESULTS. THEN she’ll show you how to use those areas of limitation as doorways to opportunity.

To give you an example, one Agri-business that Rhiannon visited, had quite large overheads and was having to employ contract labour at various times of the year to make sure that demand for services could be met. The Agri-business dealt with perishable products and therefore seasonal labour was required to harvest during the busy periods. When Rhiannon realised that these labourers were costing anywhere up to $20, 000 a month, her thought was, “How can we not only eradicate this cost but also create further benefit?” She came up with the strategy of building a training school, inviting people to learn these tasks at a cost and then over time, keeping the best students to fulfil the jobs on the farm. Not only could they train the best students to become the best contractors but the wages of this labour, came out of the students fees. That got rid of the $20,000 a month bill as well as improving the quality of their workforce – paying nothing and gaining more!!

Rhiannon will not just aid in solutions but also provide the best foundation moving forward by helping you to see what’s been stopping you from recognizing the opportunities that are abundant in your business.   


What does it mean to be a heart centred entrepreneur?

How can it make a difference to your business and your life, as well as deeply satisfy your need for contribution?

Why is this so very important?

In this discussion Rhiannon engages participants in a very authentic process of discovery, using the business as their vehicle for living a happy and fulfilled life.

If you think about how old you are and you think about how much time you have left to live (given that you will be gifted a life that will see your twilight years well into your 80's and 90's), then this discussion becomes paramount to the way in which you live your life and the way you spend some of that precious time, in your business.

Consider this a gift; a gift of living a contented and fulfilled life and one you can pass onto others each and every day through your operations and your actions.