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3 Day Event – “Empower – Seven Ways to get Over Yourself”

Stage 1 of the Coaching program, this thorough three day event will get the fire burning and intensify your learning, helping you to develop an authentic and powerful conversation around success and progress.  It will highlight your ‘road blocks’; that which impedes the full accomplishment of your goals and aspirations. It will open your mind to understanding yourself better first and foremost, enabling you to better understand and tackle the ‘tough things’ that are holding you back.  It will delve deeper into the power of the subconscious and how you can use this to extraordinary advantage through exercises and experiences.  The 3day event will take the theory explained during the 3hour program and turn it into practical exercises that will open your eyes to the power you hold within!

Price includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on the Sat/Sun and all working documents.

Regular Cost: $1425.00  Book now and get the EXTRAORDINARY price of only $399.00!!

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  • Orange, Friday 11th March(4.30pm – 8.30pm), Sat/Sun 12th-13th March 2016 (9am – 5pm) – Completed
  • Perth, Friday – Sunday 19th-21st February 2016 9am – 5pm _ Event Postponed
  • Melbourne, Friday – Sunday 26th-28th February 2016 9am – 5pm – Event Postpone