Coaching options

There is no one size fits all for coaching. I work with many different clients ranging from big business groups to individuals. Below you can find the option that suits you best. 


Self Coaching

Don’t have the time? Why not choose a path of learning that suits you and the time you have available?  There are a 3 self-help modules which will provide you with many of the tools to help you realise your dream.

Start your journey to understanding how you can change your life by changing your mindset, with Module 1 – “Ignite” which will provide you with the basics to getting the most out of coaching and changing the way you think, then move on to Module 2 – “Empower” which will look more closely at the building blocks of your life and how to view it with fresh set of eyes and then finally Module 3 – “Awaken” which will deepen your understanding of your behaviour and set you on a path to success.  All modules must be completed in order to achieve the required benefit.


Group Coaching

Group coaching can be a tremendously successful way to start the journey toward living the life of your dreams. Not only is it a more affordable coaching option, as the cost is shared with others in the group, but there can also be a sense of comfort in being surrounded by others who have also taken the bold step to improve their lives – just as you have. You also get the benefit of tapping in to their life experiences – both good and bad.

For those that feel that group coaching could be the right option for them, we have a range of events and courses that will let you sample the benefits of coaching with a minimal financial outlay and once you’ve decided whether its right for you, there are some more comprehensive programs that you can undertake.


Private Coaching

Private Coaching- Going for Gold

If you are serious to make a change, and need and can afford the “Rolls Royce” coaching path, then talk to me about private coaching and how I can change your life.  I only have a limited number of spots available, as I currently have TOO MANY SATISFIED CLIENTS THAT DON’T WANT TO LEAVE!!

Through Coaching, my clients have taken their business from “bust” to “boom” and have also significantly improved their personal lives as well.  They are fulfilled and happy and in some cases have even won Awards for the successes their businesses have achieved.

You must have completed one self-coaching program and one group-coaching course to be considered for Private Coaching. You will be screened privately for this program to ensure that we CAN GET YOU THE GOLD!! Of course, the results are entirely up to YOU. I can lead you to water, but I can’t make you drink. You will be coached by me (or by one of my team -from 2016 onwards – who has been hand-picked for YOU).

This is where legacies are made – so what is YOUR legacy??

Contact me if you’re interested in Private Coaching and I’ll call you back to discuss what’s involved.