How often has an issue arisen around money and all of a sudden you go to pieces?

YOu owe someone some money, you need some money, you cant pay a bill, you don't have enough money and so on and so forth. 

Then your hands sweat, you start to chew your nails, you start to read into the situation and then what is even worse, you then assume the worst!! Now money becomes your master and you become the slave. But why oh why are you giving all your power away? 

We are just talking tiny pieces of paper or chunks of metal with numbers on them right? 

Like Grass, it's green and all around you. 

The funny thing is, when you give something a charge, or you give it some meaning , then it has a hold on you. So why do you need to enslave yourself to something and deny your very own freedom of expression and freedom to live the life you always want to live.


Ok.. so are we making progress yet? The thing is, however you see money is exactly how it will show up for you. When I was younger I only wanted to spend time with those that I loved and if they had any money somehow I saw this as a negative and not someone I would want to be with if they had money. 

So guess what? Universe or the events of my life gave me a tent to try on. 

"Here... Try this on!!".. pretty soon, I was starting to re-assess my ideas about money, pretty soon I wanted a hell of alot more money than I had. Pretty soon I didn't want to make just $500 a month anymore. Pretty soon, I wanted to make $40 000 a month, so that I could ultimately have a great deal more choice and freedom in my life. 

So, what is it that you truly want? How do you want to live and when can you see money as simply grass or just a colour, what I mean is when can you see it as something that benefits you without any emotional charge? Now would be good right? 


Let me give you some exercises to help you get over your lack of money, (poverty consciousness) mindset.

Firstly, how about actually carrying more money, in your wallet.

Would you not feel wealthy if you did this?  I don't mean you have to spend it all, what I do mean is that every time you open your wallet, you would feel quite abundant wouldn't you? 

When I was doing this exercise, I would carry anywhere Up to a couple of thousand dollars in my wallet - boy did I feel rich with such a huge selection of notes and all the different colours of the rainbow too - (if you are American, we will just work with green like the grass. )

When you look at grass, you don't think "how greedy are those council workers or the owners of the park" - they have so much grass! They are so so greedy, 

No, you see the grass and you feel calm. You feel relaxed as if you would love to go to sleep in it. That's because you have not given it any sort of emotional charge. 

To most people who move through life today, money is like a Sabre tooth tiger, if you don't have it, your very life is on the line. Really? I mean really? 

Sabre tooth tigers and pieces of paper all in the same sentence? 

So, what I am saying is, "Get over yourself."

See yourself as wealthy, see money all around you and watch your bank account grow!!

Exercises in abundance.

1) Carry more money in your wallet. This does not mean spend it, this means have it, feel it and know what it feels like to know you have many many choices with the money that is in your wallet.

2) See abundance everywhere. When you are looking for abundance, see piles of things, like leaves and washing , cars and people, papers and hugs and flowers and trees. Whatever you see that is abundant - don't judge it.

Don't judge the fact that you have a huge pile of dishes to wash or a mega pile of laundry, 

Just see them as "abundance" and know that you will sort it when you can. If you start to judge "abundance" then you will also push away the very abundance that you want by saying that you don't want "that", by saying that you will only accept your abundance a certain way. 


We want ALL abundance, we just need to organise it. 

Ok, so money is not a sabre tooth tiger, and you can have as much money as you want. 

The key here is to see money as grass or to see it as colour, not to see it as something that will attack you.