Because actually you can....

Sometimes its about knowing who you are - who you truly are. 

Sometimes its about feeling into those places that make you feel so very vulnerable. 

Yes, sometimes it is messy. 

Sometimes you just need to be so very present to the feelings that sweep over you, the very same feelings that connect to your heart.

Those same feelings that make impenetrable walls tumble down, and behind those very same walls lie you, the very essence of you. Your true self, no armour, no protection. Just you, your feelings and the simple and honest truth of who you are. 

These are the moments that make us, these are the moments that we need to treasure. 

Our authentic , loving and kind heart that shines through. Often, though, these moments come when we cant be alone. When we cannot shy away from being "seen". The last thing we want is for someone to "see" us like this. I know that sometimes when I have had "these" moments, I have been shopping at Woolies and I cant find my Lima beans, tears streaming down my face, because my heart and soul have been touched and moved to the very core. I look like a crazy lady, looking for beans and lost in the wrong aisle.


The truth is that in that moment I am more connected to my heart and soul and more "me" than anytime I am wearing a social mask that people recognise. 

If stripping back to "my authentic self" means that sometimes I may be consumed in the moment I shared something really moving with someone, be it a heartfelt conversation with someone, a surprise hug from my son, a beautiful sunset or sunrise, seeing an incredible flower, tree, animal or piece of art. Yes, I am an art lover.

For the rest of my life, I am so committed to being "present" to what I feel and how I am touched, no matter "how" it looks for anyone else. Because at the end of this no one can live my life, be present to my heart and what it feels and dances through.


Let me feel everything to within an inch of my life, 'cause that to me is living and feeling and allows my heart to unfold into it's true magnificence and makes me even more loving and kind.