Happiness is always in your hands

Why is happiness always in your hands? 

What about those days when it isn't ?

What about the days when things happen to you? You have a fight with your husband, you have a car accident , your child breaks a leg.... then what ?? then how do you have happiness?

The key is to master your emotions and to observe what is happening and to always, always find the positive in everything. No matter what happens, they are all experiences of life.

My mum always says, she wishes that she was "calm" that her life was "peaceful".

I say to her, that peace is a state. A state through which you roll life through. 

Like a boat on the rolling ocean, sometimes you sail through thunderstorms and sometimes you sail through crystal clear waters. Anyway you look at it, you are still sailing. 

So what do you need to do to keep sailing your boat and to find your inner peace, no matter what is coming at you? 

Observe your life, Stay in a state of living kindness, seek first to understand and then be understood. 

Peace be with you all.